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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Erementar Gerad - Chapter 81

Another chapter of EG.
If any of you has raws for vol 18, please scan them for us. We're getting really close, and even though a Russian scanlator offered to order and scan it for us too, it's out of print, and we don't know when it'll be reprinted. Well, as usual, we will do vol 18 as soon as we can. And as usual you may have to wait.

Chapter 81: MediaFire


Anonymous said...

I tried looking for raws for volume 18 but none is to be found sry :'( , but on yesasia vol 18 is on there for like $8

also thanks again for another release xD

Rena Chan said...

If you're able to scan it yourself or find someone to scan it, I can check and see if my local Kinokuniya stores still have Volume 18 in stock, buy it and mail it to you if you pay for the cost of the manga volume and the cost to ship it to you or wherever you want it to go to.

E-mail me at renachan[at]shining-bind[dot]net if you're interested and we can discuss and give you quotes before you decide.

Anonymous said...

sorry but I haven't :(!!!

thanks for the chapter...

Anonymous said...

here is a link to chinese site with raws . though when I click on what google translate tells me is download it says coming soon.

here is there link to an online viewer for vol18*s=4