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Monday, February 28, 2011

Erementar Gerad - Chapter 83

Here's another chapter of EG.
The poll seems to be going on quite well. Fantasy and Romance have the most votes for a time now. There are a few things that I didn't expect though... For example, that Slice of Life would get more votes than Sci-fi or Mystery.
And, returning to the most popular comment topic: Fantasy vs. Supernatural. Since no answer came to my question (Ch 82, my 2nd comment) I assume, that noone knows the answer to this particular mystery. So, my conclusions: the Fantasy and Supernatural genre are essentially the same. It only depends on your personal taste which word you use.
You can feel free to restart the argument, but most likely you won't be able to convince me. And keep in mind that (as I've said in the chatbox) this is my area of expertise.
With all that said, I liked this discussion. It was a pleasant and refreshing one.

and now the chapter:
Chapter 83 - MediaFire

- Draconic


Dass Jennir said...

thank you :D

Anonymous said...

thanks for the chapter.

I would say the differnece between fantasy and supernatural has to due with the setting.

Fantasy being a sword/sorcery medevil setting.
Supernatural being an modern/urban one.

KHM said...

Thanks for the good work! :D

pizzakiller said...

"Fantasy being a sword/sorcery medevil setting.
Supernatural being an modern/urban one." I also agree and may i add, Supernatural may be a little "Darker" than "Fantasy" in some cases.For example EG has both Fantasy and Supernatural.It may be because of the sword/magic and i don't know about the supernatural.I always thought it was related to vampires,ghost,Werewolfs,and such.So yea thats what i think! =P

Draconic said...

Yeah, yeah, if you want to, you can tell which one it is in most cases. Though I could mention a few that aren't easy to sort into one of these.
But why would anyone want to?
ESP is always considered supernatural, but just rename it to psionics, and it's already at home in a fantasy setting.
The technological development may indeed be a good "line" between the two, but just think of the engineering skill in WoW...

enteiXfire said...

thanks a lot!!!