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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Took me a while, huh?...

Well well, here it is!

Dycry claim to have sent me a mail last week with the cleans and proofs,
but I received nothing, so he gotta be lying, that lying chubby skank.

But that's not the the only reason for this being this late..
Some of you might know, I work in a Toy Store, so as you might figure out, X-Mas + Toy Store = Hell.

So anyways.. Here they are..!

ALSO! We are in need of EDITORS!! Newbies welcome!
After all, I'm the biggest newbie of them all..

ALSO ALSO! I'm looking for experienced GFX-artists to help me with some stuff for the new blog template! Please mail me raymondcp[at]!

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