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Thursday, May 15, 2008


From Tokyopop:
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue take place in a near future in which the remaining population lives in underwater cities, with waterways as streets. Years ago, while conducting underwater experiments, all contact with the surface was cut off. With the remaining human population now living underwater, The Deep Sea 9 Cities Association represent the last hope of mankind. Ai Mayuzumi is the daughter of the head of the research lab, and is an expert water jet bike driver. When the terrorist group Error, attacks the city, Ai becomes involved with the counter-terrorist group Stelnas, comprised of an all-female team, and led by a girl named Kei, and asks to join them. The group initially resists her efforts to join, but a surprising "gift" that Ai possesses, along with the way she handles herself during a kidnapping attempt, eventually sways the opinion of the members of Stelnas.

Ai Hikari to Mizu no Dafune

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi, Seinen
Author: SHIKI Satoshi
Licensed (in English): Yes

Scanner: Serly's Tenshi
Cleaner: RayCP, Bluephoenix (ch 5&6)

Volume 01
Chapter 01: MediaFire/MegaUpload
Chapter 02: MediaFire/MegaUpload
Chapter 03: MediaFire/MegaUpload
Chapter 04: MediaFire/MegaUpload
Chapter 05: MediaFire/Megaupload
Chapter 06: MediaFire/Megaupload


beat me said...

oh my !

17 pages and i already love it !!

please, don't stop until ze end ^^ !

Anonymous said...

i can't accest the fourth chapter

RayCP said...

Links works fine..

Anonymous said...

Seems like Chapter 5 is down on mediafire....needless to say all megaupload links are down....please reupload if possible

Draconic said...

Reuploading Daphne chapters is a bit harder then the rest, since I don't have them. I will reupload them when I can, but it may take some time.