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Monday, February 21, 2011

Erementar Gerad - Chapter 82

So, about the new poll... What I'm interested in is not something like most of the mangas I like are action, or my favorite manga is mainly action, so I vote for action. What I'd like to know is, whether you like that manga because it's action. I'd like to know which elements of the manga you like the most. And, as I wrote in the poll, please don't select more than 3 genres.
Another chapter that was a hell to clean. Well, enjoy it. It's a nice chapter if you don't have to redraw double pages... After a bit of delay, because of some missing text, here's the next EG.

Chapter 82: MediaFire


p.s. I left out some genres I thought unimportant. For example, I still don't understand what's that really important difference between fantasy and supernatural that makes these two different genres...
p.p.s. Yes, I know there's a difference, but I don't think it's big enough to make the two different genres.
p.p.p.s. There's a question at the end of my second comment. If you want me to believe, that there's some great difference between the two genres, give me a logical answer to that. (I won't accept answers like "both are supernatural.")


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the chapter

Anonymous said...

To draconic : Fantasy been describe more to magical type, fairy tale ect2 so the genre more "light"

supernatural is more to horror, ghosts anything that is more to "dark" genre

Hope this help XD

Draconic said...

Well, I still don't think that there's a great difference between the two... :D

Anonymous said...

hmm if that explanation can't differentiate it probably this will help : Disney world is fantasy

Movies/Tv series such as : Twilight, Charmed, Supernatural( very obvious o.o" ),Heroes ect2

That's supernatural genre.

Well you can say, most of the stuff that use "Ghost", "spirit", "extraordinary", "freaky" as the main theme is Supernatural.

Well for example: You can put category of EG as fantasy but you can't put it as supernatural, mainly because of those reasons I mention above.

King (^_^)

Draconic said...

:D I can tell the difference, I have no problem with that. I simply can't understand why there's a need to make a difference.
Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, and a bunch of other books like this are classified as fantasy. Even though neither of them is even close to a fairy tale, and they are anything but "light".
These genres will just continue to split until there's a houndred of them this way. At first, there wasn't a clear line even between sci-fi and fantasy, and now fantasy splits into two parts just so they can say some other cool word instead of it?

What makes Twilight supernatural if Vampire: the Masquerade is fantasy?

Zero said...

/1 point to drac

enteiXfire said...

thanks for the chapter

Anonymous said...

lol for that kind of question, you need to be those literature freaks to get some answers. But the easiest thing for me to say is simple, whoever that inventing something that is new and focusing in some area that they use as the theme, will become the genre.

And again it's mainly because of the focus of what the creator choose. Take an very easy example : When you think and imagining why they said it's fantasizing? And the moment you talk about ghost, spirit ect2 somehow the "fantasy" word didn't really fitting in don't you think? (^_^)
"Draconic fantasizing about a ghost while he masturbate" XD just a joke don't take it seriously XD
it doesn't sound right, correct?
I get it why you think there's not a big diff after all both words of fantasy and supernatural has the similar meaning as "out of the nature law".

Easily said, most probably the one that draw this line of difference is religion.
Theory of evolution vs Theory of creationism, Fantasy vs Supernatural (^_^)

Draconic, the more you think about it the more stupid it is. Trust me, just leave the way it is where it's easily understand. XD

king (^_^)

Draconic said...

Why are you so fixated on that shit about fantasy being only childrens tales? As I've said before, Lord of the Rings is fantasy. And it's really far from childrens tales. It's not me, who misunderstands the meaning of supernatural, but you, who misunderstands the meaning of fantasy.
With your words, do you fantasize about a dragon, orc or mind flayer while you masturbate? I doubt it...

Draconic said...

P.S. You said spirits are supernatural, but what about dryads, or nymphs? Those are spirits too...

Anonymous said...

Actually the difference is more simple, semantically. Fantasy is something which can never, ever be real, even well, with endless years of time, such as imaginary worlds, or creatures that fly in the face of any known scientific norm. Supernatural on the other hand is something that is above our understanding of natural, not yet explainable by science. Ghosts are supernatural because their "existence" is claimed and "proved" by many but not the main stream scientific community while things such as magical creatures, golems, werewolves, harpies, are generally accepted to be strictly imaginary creatures.
That would be the only real difference, and in fact it is quite trivial. supernatural can be covered quite fine by psychological, horror and fantasy because that's what it is in the end, one way or another.

Draconic said...

That's what I said, that the difference between them is trivial.
For some reason ESP is considered supernatural, while magic is considered fantasy. The two are very much like each other. ESP affects the world with the power of the mind, while magic controls the energies of the world.
And as King said before, vampires are often considered as supernatural (together with werewolves). There isn't that much difference between a vampire, a ghost and a lich.
Differentiating according to what is possible and what is not among the impossible things is just foolish.

P.S. I think that creating a Golem is much more possible, than most of the supernatural things... After all, a robot is essentially a golem. Though golems have much less intelligence than classic sci-fi robots(but that only makes it easier to create one).

Anonymous said...

Just from the stance of someone who writes fantasy but does not write supernatural:

Fantasy tends to relate to things magical... sorcery, sorcerers, witches, witchcraft in an older setting (Lack of technology.) -- Lord of the Rings would classify as Fantasy.

Supernatural is typically contemporary / modern, coinciding well with technology. It deals with things like ESP, ghosts, spirits, seances, pyschics, werewolves, vampires, etc... Supernatural you can often classify as "gothic' and get away with it. Victoria era and supernatural often go together. Steampunk often has supernatural elements... (though steampunk goes all over the place, and is great for those who like it all)

You CAN have supernatural fantasy. You can have modern fantasy... but they do kind of deal with different things.

The primary difference between them is the *settings* they take place in. Fantasy is USUALLY in old europe type setting / medievil times. Supernatural is modern.

Slipstream and cross genres defy this as a general ruling.