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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Took me a while, huh?...

Well well, here it is!

Dycry claim to have sent me a mail last week with the cleans and proofs,
but I received nothing, so he gotta be lying, that lying chubby skank.

But that's not the the only reason for this being this late..
Some of you might know, I work in a Toy Store, so as you might figure out, X-Mas + Toy Store = Hell.

So anyways.. Here they are..!

ALSO! We are in need of EDITORS!! Newbies welcome!
After all, I'm the biggest newbie of them all..

ALSO ALSO! I'm looking for experienced GFX-artists to help me with some stuff for the new blog template! Please mail me raymondcp[at]!

EG 62
AnS 10


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Took them a while huh?

Baah... Finally.. Tsk tsk tsk...

Not much to say..

Since Taka can't do the credit page properly here's the corrected one..

Raw: Guill666
Translation: Jaan - DA
Proofread: desolo - DA
Clean: Alpha - DA
Typeset: Shavi - RH

Grab it here


Thursday, November 19, 2009

A double release!

Despite my hunger for food.
And my desire to play Assassins Creed II!
I have completed a chapter of both EG and AnS!

I'm about to die!

EG 61
AnS 09

Join us today! Mail me at raymond[at]


Sunday, November 8, 2009

This conclude's.........

Here's the chapter. And concludes volume 12.

I have no idea when chapters from volume 13 will be here.
So all you impatient people out there. Suck it!

Anyways, we still need a translator for Enchanter!
So please apply! APPLY!
And for those who already applied and haven't received a reply from me, sorry!
I tend to forget. Tihi~

So please send me a reminder at

That should be all.

EG 60

- Ray

Oh, before I forget. AnS 9 and 10 will be here soon!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two more chapters!

Waah! I think it's pretty incredible that I ditched 2 chapters out today..

Considering I haven't been sleeping probably for 3 days..
It's only about 8 hours of sleep in total!

And you probably know what I've been doing..


EG 59

AnS 08

Join us here!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pimp my blog!

Looking for a experienced coder, to pimp up the blog..

Right now it's organized but plain.
So I was thinking if any of you fans, if we got any, want to pimp it up?
Would be perfect if one of our projects is the theme..

Feel free to mail me at raymondcp[at]


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Here it is!

The long awaited AnS chapter 07 everyone!
It was 40 pages of painful typesetting..
Why the hell can't each chapter be like EG, about 26 pages? :(


Join us here!

Grab it here!

Or here!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sorry I'm late..

Well.. This took me almost 3 weeks to ditch out..
I'm sorry about that, even though i shouldn't be.

The reason was that my employer sent me to school, since I'm still in "training".
And I ended up in a class with other "in training" people from my firm, and got drunk 2 weeks in a row.. That should explain why there was no releases.. -_-"

Also, I was originally going to release both AnS AND EG today.. But apparently Dycro didn't send me the cleans and proof of AnS. So you are going to live without..

WOOPS! Onikirisama chapter 7 is out too!

Join us here!

Chapter 58

Onikirisama 07


Sunday, September 6, 2009


Typesetting these 2 chapters almost drove me crazy.. Why the fuck do they have to talk so much!?!?!? "You're dead when I catch you..", WTF man? You think I though you would play with me or something!?!?!?! Waaargh!!!

Anyways.. We are still rescruiting for every and any position!

Apply here!

AnS 06

EG 57


Thursday, August 20, 2009

AnS Chapter 05!

Yesh! This chapter was one hell of a pain... The resolution of the raws sucks... Forcing me to use a smaller font size compared to ordinary EG... But that didn't stop me from being lazy and using my presets from EG anyways.. Whahhaha...

Anyways, if any of you out there got some better raws for this please mail me at, raymond[at]

Also, if you know Japanese well enough to translate, and happen to be an Enchanter fan, please apply now!

Apply for staff here

Join our happy community!

Grab the chapter here.

Or here..


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chapter 56!

Well.. Here's chapter 56 of EG, but I was expecting to release a new chapter of AnS as well, but Dycro didn't keep his promise, about sending me the cleans yesterday!!


Anyways.. We SERIOUSLY need a translator for Enchanter..! So apply now and see more chapters from this awesome manga!

Apply here!

Chapter 56

Discuss it here!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Been a while.....

Well.. This chapter had been really slow.. Had a few troubles here and there..

But expect chapter 7 soon!

And also, EG this sunday!

Get it here.



Thursday, August 6, 2009

Release and a new SERIE!?!?!?

Well you saw it coming didn't you..

Anyways, we picked up Aozora no Senki, and finished chapter 4 together with Twilight Dreams Scanlation. As it look like now, this will be the only chapter done in joint. Since Dycro requested that he would like to do this one himself too!

Let's see if this will give us a more regular release rate, or a even worse one.. :D

So! Since no one applied since the last release I will make sure you notice this again!

We are recruiting jap/eng translators for Enchanter!!
If you wish to see mroe of this serie please apply!
Other positions very welcome too!

So.. enough about that..

Apply here!

Discuss here!

EG Chapter 55

AnS Chapter 04


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Erementar Gerad - Aozora no Senki

A princess named Achea and her companions try to defeat the Garden of Eden.

Elemental Gelade: Flag of the Blue Sky
Erementar Gerad - Flag of Bluesky

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Author/Artist: AZUMA Mayumi
Licensed (in English): No

Chapter 04 joint with Twilight Dreams Scans

The first 3 chapters:
Every credit for these chapters goes to Twilight Dream Scans, and Ala-Atra Scans, I've only collected them in one file to make it easier for you to find and download.

Volume 02
Chapter 03b: -
Chapter 04: MediaFire
Chapter 05: MediaFire
Chapter 06: MediaFire
Chapter 07: MediaFire

Volume 03
Chapter 08: MediaFire
Chapter 09: MediaFire
Chapter 10: MediaFire
Chapter 11: MediaFire
Chapter 12: MediaFire
Chapter 13: MediaFire

Volume 04
Chapter 14: MediaFire
Chapter 15: MediaFire
Chapter 16: MediaFire
Chapter 17: MediaFire
Chapter 18: MediaFire
Chapter 19: MediaFire
Chapter 20: MediaFire

Volume 05
Chapter 21: MediaFire
Chapter 22: MediaFire
Chapter 23: MediaFire
Chapter 24:
Chapter 25:
Chapter 26:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chapter 54, hum hum..

I'd been busy these past days, therefore chapter is a little late from when it actually could have been released.. But the main reason for the chapter to first be here now, is Dycro.. He's just toooooooooooooooo lazy... Blame him, muheheh..

Sadly, SCX-Scans don't have enough time and manpower to provide us with Enchanter translations, if you wish to see future chapters of this please apply as translator now or recommend a translator to us!

But seriously.. I want more staff now! :D
Some hardcore proofreaders, and some hardworking editors, translators always welcome of course!


Discuss it here

Join us here!

And download it here!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sue me!

Here's chapter 53! I'm sleepy today.. So I didn't bother checking the chapter for typos... Not like I ever did that before..

Anyways.. I want to remind you again, that we are STILL RECRUITING.. Translators, proofreaders, editors, everything now!!

Enchanter probably need a new translator for future chapters! So please apply apply!! I even offer you a beer!

Chapter 53

Discuss it here!!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dycro's determination!

Quote Dycro: "Another chapter in that never ending conquest to try and catch up to Yuri."

Get in the game man, we all know the reason it is never ending, is because you're almost lazier than me.

Btw, anyone else think Dycro's jokes are far less epic than mines? The Linkin Park gag is just fail, tsk tsk.. :P

YESH! This is a challenge Dycro, work on the next chapter and bring me a decent joke! Wahaha!

Anyways.. Recruiting cleaners for Onikirisama No Hakoirimusume!! Come on don't be shy, I only stalk pretty girls anyways.. Muhehehe..

Chapter 52


PS. For all those who has a grudge on me because I forgot to typeset a little something on the last chapter.. Please forgive me~ Here, let me try and make it up to you, clicky clicky!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Ello ello..

This is the first release after my holidays ended..
My sonofabitch boss gave me 40 hours of work seperated on 5 days in this week! That's almost frickin 10 hours a day!!! Almost... And not enough by that, he is making me work 8 days in a row!! Wednesdays till wednesday.. Ohmyfrickinggod... I can't feel my feets no more..

Anyways.. I finally got enough time to finnish this chapter..

Chapter 51



Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chapter 50!

I finally tossed my PS3, PSP, NDS, Beautiful Cooking II and various HK Movies aside and finished chapter 50!

Which actually was a pleasure to work on.. I only had to typeset a few lines on every second page or so.. Which was a DELIGHT! <3<3<3<3<3

Anyways.. I'm sure a lot of readers would be surprised reading this.
Since the author sure as hell like to kill of people and bring some of them back to life.. :D

Hope that ain't spoiling too much..

Chapter 50


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And here's another one

Onikirisama chapter 5 finally here!

I wanna learn the Dancing Wind too.. !

Chapter 5


Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaack *****es!

I bet everyone missed me a lot.. :D

Anyways.. I'm back from my 3 weeks long vacation in Hong Kong, damn i missed the nice and fresh weather of Denmark! God damn you 35oC and 90% humidity!! I nearly had a heat stroke in Ocean Park!!

Anyways, Dycro have been so kind to do 1 chapter of EG only, and without messing everything up, that much. Anyways, that leaves me with 1 chapter less to deal with.. >.<

I hope I haven't made guys wait too long!
I might have said this before, since I'm such a WISE person ( :D ), better late THAN never!

Chapter 49


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Late Release..

So ye.. Gerad 48 is here.. Could have released this one 2 days ago.. But well, the case is, I was quietly working on finishing the chapter, while I was listening to Saybia - The Day After Tomorrow, and right when I finished typing 'Despair' at page 6, I though, "What the hell? This is fate!! I gotta get drunk naaaaaw!!!" And so I got drunk........

Anyways... Grab the chapter as usual here..
Gerad 48

DO visit our FORUMS!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Enchanter 17

Sowwy.. I actually had this release for a week or so..
But I was too busy with work, and then I fell asleep, and then I got too drunk, and then I forgot.. <.<

Anyways... I need more editors that want to work on projects BESIDE Enchanter, yeye I know, it's slow, but it'll pick up in pace sooner or later..

So apply! Visit our FORUMS to do so.. ;)

Enchanter 17


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gerad 47!

Chapter 47, a little late..

But better late than never, no?
Why is there still no one that applies for the editor positions? :(
I promise I'll give you goodies..

Anyways, visit our FORUM when it's back up! ;)

Chapter 47


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Erementar Gerad 46!

Whoot? Da-Scan are picking up the pace?
Yesh, another chapter!

But don't get your hopes up...
If we shall keep going at this decent pace.. We need more editors!
So apply god damn it!

Anyways.. Pay our FORUM a visit..!

Chapter 46


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And it's here.. :D

Sorry we kept you waiting.. xD

Not in the mood to write anything...

But make sure to drop by at our FORUM and let us get to know YOU!

Also, we are still recruiting EDITORS for various series, such as Manyuu Hikenchou and Yozakura Quartet!! Leave a comment here with your e-mail and I'll contact you.

Anyways, get the chapter here..
Chapter 16


PS. I will not publish your e-mail to the public..!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Awesome!! + New Serie!?!?

Another chapter!?

And god damn it, color the page I included already!

Also, we're still recruiting.. <3
Chapter 45

And whoot? Yes, we picked up Onikirisama No Hakoirimusume together with Red Hawk..
Hope ya'll enjoy it.. :D
Chapter 4


PS. Join our FORUM and introduce yourselves, so we know you support us!
Don't force me do to forum releases.. ;)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Onikirisama No Hakoirimusume

A boy opens a chest at his father's temple, and inside pops out a Hanyou, a half demon, half human girl who wishes for nothing more than to avenge the death of her mother, and herself by her father. It just so happens to be that the boy looks just like his ancestor, the one who killed the girl and mother.

Onikiri-sama no Hakoiri Musume

Genre: Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural
Author/Artist: URAKU Akinobu
Licensed: No

This was a joint with Red Hawk Scans until chapter 10.

Chapter 04: MegaUpload/MediaFire
Chapter 05: MegaUpload/MediaFire
Chapter 06: MegaUpload
Chapter 07: MegaUpload
Chapter 08: MegaUpload
Chapter 09: MegaUpload
Chapter 10: MegaUpload
Chapter 11: scanlated by Red Hawk
Chapter 12: MediaFire
Chapter 13: MediaFire
Chapter 14: MediaFire
Chapter 15: MediaFire
Extra Chapter: MediaFire

Volume 4
Chapter 16: MediaFire
Chapter 17: MediaFire
Chapter 18: MediaFire
Chapter 19: MediaFire 
Chapter 20: MediaFire
Chapter 21+Extra: MediaFire

Monday, March 30, 2009

Erementar 44!!

A nice and short chapter..
I wish every chapter was like that...
And, for the creative ones... Please color the "extra" page I included.. :D
Get it here!

Also, to all those who applied to help us out, thanks!
And to the rest of you, don't hold back, APPLY!!

And for those who are waiting for Enchanter..
We're having a little trouble.. But I promise it won't be long!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chapter 42 & 43!

Yeps, another 2 chapters..

Thanks to Dycro joining the team, we no longer have to bother the guys at Red Hawk, for now.. :D
It was awesome working with you guys!

ALSO, we are still recruiting editors! And from what I can see from the pool results, there's quite a few of you out there who would like to help us out.

So don't hesitate! Leave a comment on this post with your contact information, and I will mail you soon as possible!
Don't worry! I won't publish your personal information in the public! ;)

Anyways. as usual, grab the chapters here.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Recruting Editors!!

I'm going to be very busy the next few months!
So I need all the help I can get!!

So, if you are interested in an editor position, leave a comment here with your e-mail and I will contact you for more information!

Translators are always welcome! :D


For YOUR personal privacy, I will not publish your comments into the public, it will be ME only to see your mails, etc.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And the rest of the promise!

Yep yep..
Here's the batch I promised!

4 awesome chapters!!

Hell they talk a lot lately! <.<
Sometimes you just want to bang your head into a wall of bricks, to avoid going insane..

Anyways.. Enjoy!
Clicky here!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

As Promised..................

As promised, here is chapter 37!!
I know it's been a while... But yea..
I worked a lot, drank a lot, puked a lot, and then worked a lot..............

Anyways... More chapters soon!

Friday, January 2, 2009

ENCHANTER & Ehh, New serie... I guess..

Well well, This is our first release in 2009!
I hope you all had a great holiday and some happy drunk time..

Anyways, this serie was supposed to be released half a year ago.. But because of some circumstances, it was dropped.... I though..

But last night Dubby mailed me... Said I should get online, because she was going to release the chapter suddenly.. <.<
Anywho.. Get it here..

Also, this is the last chapter of Enchanter volume 04! Look forward for more.. ;)

Anyways.. Enjoy I guess...


Manyuu Hikenchou

From Operation Boredom:

It is currently the Taiheimeji Era. It is a reign ruled by the Tokugawa shogunate. Inside this shogunate, there is a group of warriors that support the government. They are the Manyuu Clan.

In this current era, breasts mean everything. If you have breasts, you are guaranteed wealth and popularity. If you lack them, you are rarely considered "human". Members of the Manyuu Clan help raise the future big breasts. Written on a secret scroll possessed by the clan, there is said to be various techniques on how to grow big and beautiful breasts.

Chifusa is to be successor of the clan. However, she takes the secret scroll and runs away with it, hoping to fight against the cruel world that the Manyuu Clan has created...

Machichi Hikenchou

Genre: Action, Adult, Ecchi, Mature, Seinen
Author/Artist: YAMADA Hideki
Licensed ( in English): No

This is a joint with Operation:Boredom!

Volume 01:
Chapter 01: MediaFire