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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chapter 54, hum hum..

I'd been busy these past days, therefore chapter is a little late from when it actually could have been released.. But the main reason for the chapter to first be here now, is Dycro.. He's just toooooooooooooooo lazy... Blame him, muheheh..

Sadly, SCX-Scans don't have enough time and manpower to provide us with Enchanter translations, if you wish to see future chapters of this please apply as translator now or recommend a translator to us!

But seriously.. I want more staff now! :D
Some hardcore proofreaders, and some hardworking editors, translators always welcome of course!


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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sue me!

Here's chapter 53! I'm sleepy today.. So I didn't bother checking the chapter for typos... Not like I ever did that before..

Anyways.. I want to remind you again, that we are STILL RECRUITING.. Translators, proofreaders, editors, everything now!!

Enchanter probably need a new translator for future chapters! So please apply apply!! I even offer you a beer!

Chapter 53

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dycro's determination!

Quote Dycro: "Another chapter in that never ending conquest to try and catch up to Yuri."

Get in the game man, we all know the reason it is never ending, is because you're almost lazier than me.

Btw, anyone else think Dycro's jokes are far less epic than mines? The Linkin Park gag is just fail, tsk tsk.. :P

YESH! This is a challenge Dycro, work on the next chapter and bring me a decent joke! Wahaha!

Anyways.. Recruiting cleaners for Onikirisama No Hakoirimusume!! Come on don't be shy, I only stalk pretty girls anyways.. Muhehehe..

Chapter 52


PS. For all those who has a grudge on me because I forgot to typeset a little something on the last chapter.. Please forgive me~ Here, let me try and make it up to you, clicky clicky!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Ello ello..

This is the first release after my holidays ended..
My sonofabitch boss gave me 40 hours of work seperated on 5 days in this week! That's almost frickin 10 hours a day!!! Almost... And not enough by that, he is making me work 8 days in a row!! Wednesdays till wednesday.. Ohmyfrickinggod... I can't feel my feets no more..

Anyways.. I finally got enough time to finnish this chapter..

Chapter 51