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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Late Release..

So ye.. Gerad 48 is here.. Could have released this one 2 days ago.. But well, the case is, I was quietly working on finishing the chapter, while I was listening to Saybia - The Day After Tomorrow, and right when I finished typing 'Despair' at page 6, I though, "What the hell? This is fate!! I gotta get drunk naaaaaw!!!" And so I got drunk........

Anyways... Grab the chapter as usual here..
Gerad 48

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Enchanter 17

Sowwy.. I actually had this release for a week or so..
But I was too busy with work, and then I fell asleep, and then I got too drunk, and then I forgot.. <.<

Anyways... I need more editors that want to work on projects BESIDE Enchanter, yeye I know, it's slow, but it'll pick up in pace sooner or later..

So apply! Visit our FORUMS to do so.. ;)

Enchanter 17