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Friday, January 2, 2009

Manyuu Hikenchou

From Operation Boredom:

It is currently the Taiheimeji Era. It is a reign ruled by the Tokugawa shogunate. Inside this shogunate, there is a group of warriors that support the government. They are the Manyuu Clan.

In this current era, breasts mean everything. If you have breasts, you are guaranteed wealth and popularity. If you lack them, you are rarely considered "human". Members of the Manyuu Clan help raise the future big breasts. Written on a secret scroll possessed by the clan, there is said to be various techniques on how to grow big and beautiful breasts.

Chifusa is to be successor of the clan. However, she takes the secret scroll and runs away with it, hoping to fight against the cruel world that the Manyuu Clan has created...

Machichi Hikenchou

Genre: Action, Adult, Ecchi, Mature, Seinen
Author/Artist: YAMADA Hideki
Licensed ( in English): No

This is a joint with Operation:Boredom!

Volume 01:
Chapter 01: MediaFire


Krazeecain said...

Soo... did you guys drop this series?

The Artificer said...

I have to ask that too. Boredom haven't posted news on their site for over a year. There are, sadly, a lot of fans of this series, but so far... silence.

Krazeecain said...

I wonder if any other group would be willing to scanlate and translate this one... There are still 3 other volumes out there that haven't been touched, but nobody is scanlating the new ones either >.<

ZakiDinE said...

the serie has been licenced in France, i think there'll be some french scans, so here's a fucking reason to start learning the language huhuh

Anonymous said...

^ not an option!

Chifusa said...

Better watch the anime then