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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Erementar Gerad - Aozora no Senki

A princess named Achea and her companions try to defeat the Garden of Eden.

Elemental Gelade: Flag of the Blue Sky
Erementar Gerad - Flag of Bluesky

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Author/Artist: AZUMA Mayumi
Licensed (in English): No

Chapter 04 joint with Twilight Dreams Scans

The first 3 chapters:
Every credit for these chapters goes to Twilight Dream Scans, and Ala-Atra Scans, I've only collected them in one file to make it easier for you to find and download.

Volume 02
Chapter 03b: -
Chapter 04: MediaFire
Chapter 05: MediaFire
Chapter 06: MediaFire
Chapter 07: MediaFire

Volume 03
Chapter 08: MediaFire
Chapter 09: MediaFire
Chapter 10: MediaFire
Chapter 11: MediaFire
Chapter 12: MediaFire
Chapter 13: MediaFire

Volume 04
Chapter 14: MediaFire
Chapter 15: MediaFire
Chapter 16: MediaFire
Chapter 17: MediaFire
Chapter 18: MediaFire
Chapter 19: MediaFire
Chapter 20: MediaFire

Volume 05
Chapter 21: MediaFire
Chapter 22: MediaFire
Chapter 23: MediaFire
Chapter 24:
Chapter 25:
Chapter 26:


Corrupted Core said...

Hey, guys! Thanks so much for scanlating this series, I'm really enjoying them! It's my new addiction... Please update soon! I can't wait for ch. 7!!
Also, do you have the image scans for this series? I've been seeing some and they looked kind of rare, and I really wish to see them...

Keep up the great job~

solitaryCross said...

Just made a better summary @ to get more people reading...

RayCP said...

Thanks.. ^^

Mind if I post it here, also?

Anonymous said...

Why does the links for the chapter 01 , 02 and 03 are missing?? I just hope that you have links for that chapter..Thanks

RayCP said...

If you read the whole post, you'll find them.

Anonymous said...

Mm, guys, could you translate Edel Raid's song and other enchants (like ritual of water summonning, etc) along with the rest. I don't want to offend anybody, but you even transformed the honorifics (in my humble opinion, It was not very necessary) and after that the fact, that the Japanese and English texts run alternately looks simply strange. As far as I remember Twilight Dreams Scans' translations even includes translated bonus pages. So it isn't too difficult to translate songs, I believe. Sorry to trouble you and thanks for advance.

RayCP said...

Umm.. I see, that makes sense.. We really should consider that..


The songs got nothing to do with the story at all, and usually ends up like some kinda corny love proposal. So we will translate it if we feel like it.

Once the books are available in english you should really buy it for quality etc. etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

As if official release will have especially high quality (plus "not the near future" release date). But since you say yourself that your work is still worse... It's a pity that TDS dropped this project.
Well, anyway thanks for answer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much !!
It's really a great serie !

ElFansoer said...

Do you think this EG Blue will reveal things on EG Red's ending? I really hope it's yes...

For the author, sorry for posting all of those at once...

DmonHiro said...

Hello. Can someone please re-upload chapter 11 on mediafire? The Megaupload link is, of course, dead. Thank you.

Draconic said...

Re-uploaded the chapter. Sorry it took so long.

I'll try to finish the next chapter soon. No idea how soon unfortunately.

Rover said...

It's good to know that you haven't dropped this project. Many of us are waiting for the next chapter.
Thank you for your hard work

vanz said...

I hope you can finish this project....i'm really a fans of erementar gerad...
umm....can i know how to donate to your scans....maybe i can donate some money for this scans group

vanz said...

I hope you released this manga faster....
I really love erementar gerad...thanks
hope you finished this project faster...
thanks for your hard work

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, DA-Scans, for translating the Erementar Gerade/Elemental Gelade series!! I can't express the joy I feel when I see that email that a new chapter has been released for the Blue Flag series :3 Please continue to keep up the awesome work ^^b

Anonymous said...

Can someone please re-upload chapter 9. The link still works but mediafire can't seem to send the file. Thanks for translating this series.