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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Onikirisama No Hakoirimusume

A boy opens a chest at his father's temple, and inside pops out a Hanyou, a half demon, half human girl who wishes for nothing more than to avenge the death of her mother, and herself by her father. It just so happens to be that the boy looks just like his ancestor, the one who killed the girl and mother.

Onikiri-sama no Hakoiri Musume

Genre: Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural
Author/Artist: URAKU Akinobu
Licensed: No

This was a joint with Red Hawk Scans until chapter 10.

Chapter 04: MegaUpload/MediaFire
Chapter 05: MegaUpload/MediaFire
Chapter 06: MegaUpload
Chapter 07: MegaUpload
Chapter 08: MegaUpload
Chapter 09: MegaUpload
Chapter 10: MegaUpload
Chapter 11: scanlated by Red Hawk
Chapter 12: MediaFire
Chapter 13: MediaFire
Chapter 14: MediaFire
Chapter 15: MediaFire
Extra Chapter: MediaFire

Volume 4
Chapter 16: MediaFire
Chapter 17: MediaFire
Chapter 18: MediaFire
Chapter 19: MediaFire 
Chapter 20: MediaFire
Chapter 21+Extra: MediaFire


MusicUS said...

When you go continu this project please?

voimamut said...

long time to see next chap !!! Can you continuous translate, Please

AJN said...

Since there was no new chapter for over a year, shouldn't this be moved to "on hold"? Or, if you'd drop it officially, somebody else could pick it up. Please think about it.

AJN said...

Sorry, the "over a year" part in my previous comment was wrong ... I just assumed the comment before mine was made after the latest chapter was released by you, without checking ... however, says the volumes have all been released in Japan, so I'm hoping you will continue this soon

Draconic said...

Yes, the last volume is out in Japan, and we will start translating it as soon as we get raws.

AJN said...

Actually, I've already seen a scan of chapter 16 at If it's good enough, you could start with that one.

Draconic said...

I will look through them, but it seems like we won't be able to start working on Onikirisama for a month or so.

CodeMonkey said...

I really like this manga, so I figured I'd drop by to thank the crew that's doing the translations, so here I am and THNX!

Anonymous said...

thanks from me too. good to see you finished it :)