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Monday, November 14, 2011

MediaFire download problems

Someguy mentioned in the chatbox that the links to Onikirisama chapter 15, and v3 extra are dead. I went to my MediaFire account, checked the files, then checked the urls in the post, and finally downloaded the chapters, and everything was alright. MF updated a few days ago, so I thought that is what causes the problem (I still do), and that maybe Someguy's browser is not up to date. I had to update my firefox too, so that I can upload that chapter.
Today I had to change my opinion about this error. The reason is simple. I tried to download a new chapter from MediaFire, and I only got some error message. It only happens randomly, but refreshing won't work. The only working solution I found so far, is downloading the file from a different IP address. I'm not sure it will work, but it worked for me. Or maybe waiting 6 hours did...
If you have the same problem, please tell me in a comment, I don't know how rare this problem is, but if it's common, then I'll slowly upload all the chapters to a mirror. And hope all the while that MF will solve this little but annoying problem.

- Draconic