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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Onikiri 18

Net problems solved, and here with a new Onikirisama chapter. Only three more chapters and a few extra pages until the end.

Chapter 18:

- Draconic


Geese1 said...

Thanks for the chapter!

manac said...

thanks for continuing this series!

Chore Boy said...

Thanks for the chapter ^^

Anonymous said...

Thankies! A question: did you guys drop AnS or is it on hiatus? Sorry, I was just curious. Thank you so very much for your wonderful translations!

Draconic said...

We didn't drop AnS, and officially it's not on hiatus, but none of us has much time right now unfortunately. I will try to release the next chapter as soon as I can, which probably means a few more weeks. I'll do what I can.