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Sunday, January 5, 2014

First release of the year

First of all, happy new year. This release is late by a few days, but a few things really messed up my schedule these last days.

After I finished the chapter, and began renaming the pages (I love ReNamer, it's really useful) I noticed something strange. According to the contents page in chapter 21, this chapter should be pages 37 to 52. Of course, according to the few pages that have actual numbers on them, our numbering is slightly out of sync. But that doesn't change the fact that however I look at it, chapter 22 is not 16, but 21 pages long. I checked the pages at least 3 times, and it really confused me, then I decided, that the one who messed up wasn't me, but whoever wrote the contents.

Aozora no Senki chapter 22: MediaFire



Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU (no homo, well maybe a little)

Anonymous said...

Whoa this speed... IN A GOOD WAY! Thanks!