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Friday, August 26, 2011

The last of vol 17

Delays, delays and more delays. Thanks for the cheering though :D
Well, chapter 90 is finally here, and this chapter concludes volume 17. One more volume till the end, and everything is on it's way. Also, we started working on the last volume of Onikirisama too. It was mentioned in the chatbox some time ago.
Our forum is finally open (for some time now), though only registered users can read it. It's lonely by myself, so it would be good, if some of you could come.

Chapter 90:

- Draconic


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for EG and nice to hear about Onikirisama too :)

enteiXfire said...

wow thank you very much :)

kupo said...

Nice job. 1 last vol and eg finally over (^_^)