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Monday, August 1, 2011

AnS Chapter 17

Long time since the last release, and I can't even blame the summer heat. Well, here's chapter 17. I want to thank Nik again for these amazing raws he provided us with.
After a long time of delaying every work there was on the forum, it's finally ready to be opened. It should open soon, it's out of my hands now. I don't expect much ('caus I have no idea what I want to use this forum for), but I'd be happy if a few of you would come to the discussion topics. It's boring to have a conversation with yourself, and since Zero is offended, that his name was taken, he refuses to register. Well... I'll do something about that :D

Aozora no Senki Chapter 17:


Andreas said...

Thank you for the release!

i love aozora no senki. does the other erementar gerad series have something to do with AnS ? it seems like it got references like cisque

Draconic said...

AnS is like a sequel. Though the only shared characters are Wolx and Tilel so far. It takes place two years after EG Red.