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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hi there!

Another day with two chapters. Wolx had a really hard day in AnS, and we're back to Sha in Red.
I planned to finally post those damn topics on the forum today (after delaying it a month or two)... But I had the luck, that just today the forum is down for some reason.
There are some mysteries revealed in this EG chapter... And some new mysteries, that I doubt the author has thought about long enough to explain... I don't want to spoiler, so I'll explain it in detail when the forum is ready :D

Aozora no Senki chapter 16:

Erementar Gerad chapter 89:

- Draconic

ed: seems like the forum was down only for a short time
ed2: no, today definitely isn't the favorite day of our forum.


cmbeke said...

thanks for the great scanslation

enteiXfire said...

thanks for your hard work =)

Dreammer said...

Thank you for the scanlations =)

No Comment said...

Thank you for these chapters. Even though I'm like a month late to this post.