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Monday, June 20, 2011

Erementar Gerad - Chapter 88

So, exams finished and I have time for scanlation. Also, in the near future (hopefully) I will reopen the Da-Scan section of the Da forums. Look forward to it! Of course, new chapters will be released on the blog the same as now, and I have no idea what I will use the forum for, but still...
Oh, the old chatbox has been replaced with a new one. I registered on Cbox, and I can moderate the comments. I consider every "blogwalker" post as spam, and delete them.

ed: I also consider non-english posts as spam. (deleted one today)

Chapter 88:

- Draconic


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much been waiting for it.

enteiXfire said...

thankss :):) yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!