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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Surprise Release!

Well, I hope I managed to surprise everyone with this...
I didn't tell you that we have already restarted Aozora no Senki, because I wanted to give you a surprise release like this. To compensate for the secrecy, there are 3 chapters at once! I'll edit the other posts and infos when I'm back (I've scheduled this post before I left to be released while I'm away).

With this, Erementar Gerad - Aozora no Senki is officially restarted.

AnS chapter 12: MediaFire
AnS chapter 13: MediaFire
AnS chapter 14: MediaFire

- Draconic

Correct chapter 12 added.
Sorry for meddling.


Anonymous said...

Link of chapter 12 and chapter 13 is the same

thx for the surpise release
keep em coming

RayCP said...

New link added

Anonymous said...


Dass Jennir said...

thank you draconic :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! You're the best!

Anonymous said...

suprise succeeded. I was hoping for more EG Red, but this is awesome as well.