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Monday, December 6, 2010

Erementar Gerad - Chapter 78

Here's the next one.

Chapter 78:


cadu_ said...

Thanks for the release!!!

Patrick said...

Thx for the hard working you're doing! *-*, some years ago i used to work with Bababba coloring the pages but i stopped because of time, and stop reading this manga ;/, now i know what i`ve missed..., thx for releasing this manga it`s a part of me! *-*.

Patrick from Brazil :D!

Catatau said...

thanks for another one
excellent job
i have a doubt: the name is Erementar or Elemental? (or both are correct?)

Yuri said...

@Catatau: It's complicated... an English person would go for Elemental, because it's a word. In Japanese though, the L and R are somewhat interchangable, and they have trouble seeing the difference between those two letters. We've opted to keep 'erementar' because that's how the author wrote it (like, on the cover!). As you might know, Tokyopop titled it 'Elemental Gelade', because they must think it makes more sense than 'Erementar Gerad'.