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Monday, November 22, 2010

Erementar Gerad - Chapter 76

Here's the next one.
I didn't redraw the first double page, because it would have been a very long work to redraw that butterfly. And I decided, that if I don't redraw that, then there's no meaning to redrawing the rest. The other two double pages are redrawn.
This chapter begins the story of Ren's past (the last will be 79).

Chapter 76:


Luis Claudio said...

thanks for another great chapter
amazing work
did you manage to find the raws for the last volume?

Draconic said...

I don't have the raws yet, but I will have them by the time we will need it.

Jamie said...

I'm a huge fan of Erementar Gerad...or Elemental Gelade, whatever they call it, to the point that even if I read the scanlations, I STILL buy the books (though I missed 11 and 12, and probably 13 because Tokyopop sucks with their schedules and Borders and Barnes and Nobles like to not stock up on books...).

The fact that you keep scanlating this, it makes me so happy reading one of my most favorite manga in my collection...