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Monday, November 1, 2010

Erementar Gerad - Chapter 73

A Halloween release! There's a very scary new character in this chapter, I don't want to see him again (you will know what I mean).

I made a new credit page (I didn't like the last one... I really didn't like it...), and worked hard, to get this chapter to you as soon as possible. It's not that easy, since virtually I'm the only one working on the chapters. Yuri has already finished, with the translation of the next 5 chapters... This is why we need more cleaners, and editors.

Chapter 73:


Anonymous said...

thank for another chapter :D

Luis Claudio said...

thanks for another chapter
excellent work
keep it up
is this one completed in japanese?

Anonymous said...


Draconic said...

Yes, it is complete.
It's 18 volumes long, and this was the last chapter of vol 14.
I don't have raws for vol 18 yet, but I'm already looking for them.

Luis Claudio said...

thanks for the answer
this manga in portuguese we have until chapter 11, can you believe this?
i have luck to know english