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Friday, May 14, 2010

Necromancy - EG67

From beyond the grave, I give you Erementar Gerad C67.

You can find it in the usual spot as always.


The team currently consists of myself, Kenbishi_Yuri as always, and our latest addition Firestalker as typesetter.

Currently we only plan to work on Erementar Gerad with a MAYBE on Aozora no Senki. No other projects are planned to continue.


Ray's rant.
I'll be retiring now. That is basicly the reason for this long wait.
Too busy with a lot of stuff atm. So I passed the cra- I mean the fire to Dycro.
Have fun guys.!



Firestalker said...

Personally I think that will speed the releases up. Plus I really love this series!

No Comment said...

Thank you for ch67