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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Aaaaand here's Ans!

Yep yep..
We've been busy last month!
I've been busy with playing Grand Fantasia, and getting drunk..
I was actually out drinking EVERY weekend in January.. I think I got a problem..

And apparently Dycro is getting emo, and bailed out on future AnS's..
I'm so disappointed.. He says he's very ghey and only want to do EG..
Well, nothing to do about that, so expect the next AnS to be a "little" delayed too.

As I mentioned some while ago, we wanted to launch a new template to the blog!
All is good, but the background. >.<
So I'm looking for YOU! Yes YOU! To help me out.
You're reward would be a nice spot as credit at the buttom of the blog, some ecchi pictures and a very happy Ray! So please mail me if you want to help out!

Take a look at the test blog, Test Blog.
Yes, I know the current background looks retarded with the template.. But the guy wanted to help out, are apparently very busy.

AnS 11



1 Comment:

cadu_ said...

Thanks for the release!!!
Don't worry about the drinking problems, almost everybody has this problem so you are not alone.XD