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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Release and a new SERIE!?!?!?

Well you saw it coming didn't you..

Anyways, we picked up Aozora no Senki, and finished chapter 4 together with Twilight Dreams Scanlation. As it look like now, this will be the only chapter done in joint. Since Dycro requested that he would like to do this one himself too!

Let's see if this will give us a more regular release rate, or a even worse one.. :D

So! Since no one applied since the last release I will make sure you notice this again!

We are recruiting jap/eng translators for Enchanter!!
If you wish to see mroe of this serie please apply!
Other positions very welcome too!

So.. enough about that..

Apply here!

Discuss here!

EG Chapter 55

AnS Chapter 04