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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yeah new release..
This time with new cleaner, so you won't be looking at my crappy work anymore.. :D
Well.. I could have let this release out yesterday.. But I got drunk.. :D
Again.. ^^

Anyways.. Enjoy~


1 Comment:

Ofunu said...

i must say it, tank you so much for translate this great manga, i don't know how to say you how gratefull i'm right now, i tought i would never be able to read the rest of it because it has been droped a lot of time by other fansubs, i hope you will not drop it, please finish it because i don't know japannesse and even if i knew i don't know where to get the raws in order to read them so please don't dorp it, finish this project please >.< don't let me down T.T well that's all i have to say for now, your work is really great far better that other fansubs' works keep it up, farewell